You know that old saying: your network is your net worth?

Well, yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jeff Lerner, another YouTube guy. He is a digital marketing agency owner who recently sold his business for over a million dollars. I had the pleasure of training with him, learning how to grow and scale my business.

Today, I’m going to share the 3 knowledge bombs that he dropped on us. So without further ado, let’s just go ahead and jump right into it.

3 Millionaire Secrets

3 Millionaire Secrets I Learned | Graphic Design Business TrainingI’m Adrian Boysel, and as I was telling you, I got to have an amazing session training session yesterday with Mr. Jeff Lerner. This guy really blew my mind. The things he has accomplished in his career are incredible. 

To give you a backstory: he started at a point of negative $1000’s. Then he worked his way up to building a $50 million company. He’s a powerful guy, very authentic and genuine.

I got to listen to Jeff Lerner for 1 1/2 hours. In that session, he shared his passion, his knowledge, and what he’s doing online. I got to ask him some questions, and I learned 3 major takeaways that I want to share with you today.

1. It Takes Hard Work

3 Millionaire Secrets I Learned | Graphic Design Business TrainingJeff Lerner used to own a digital marketing agency, which he sold. He’s an online influencer, personal development coach, and consultant. He helps people break through the next level of their career, and he’s creating a ton of content online. 

During our training, he shared some things about how he built his business. The cool thing is that he has it down to a science.

The first thing that he shared, and this is something that really touched my soul, was this: everything that you want in your life is going to require hard work. I really love this, because it’s a true statement, and the reason I have come so far in my career.

There’s a quote by John C. Maxwell that says “everything that’s worthwhile is uphill.” That’s the idea: if you want something, you’re going to have to go after it, and you’re going to have to work uphill.

If you’re watching this, I want you to understand that I worked very hard. If you want to have success, that’s what you’re going to have to do, too. Especially in the beginning.

Now, over time, as you start to learn things, you’ll start to grow your influence and authority. Authority is influence and influence is currency. Eventually, you’ll be able to buy back your freedom and time. But you’re going to have to earn that currency in the beginning, just like I am today.

I want you to go into this remembering that hard work is part of the business. It’s part of your life. You can’t escape it. So, stop trying to find shortcuts and just go after the things you want in life.

2. Time Is More Valuable Than Money

3 Millionaire Secrets I Learned | Graphic Design Business TrainingIf I gave you a million dollars, but you couldn’t wake up tomorrow and today was your last day on Earth, would you take the million bucks? I highly doubt it. I don’t think there’s anybody on the planet would take that deal. That shows you that time is worth so much more than money

Time is a very limited resource. It’s not something that we can get more of. But money is unlimited — there’s no shortage of money on the planet.

How you use your time, how you take control of your time, and how you value your time is so important. A million dollars is nothing if you don’t get to spend another day with the people you love, right? That was a big takeaway for me.

3. What Do You Stand For (And Against)?

3 Millionaire Secrets I Learned | Graphic Design Business TrainingAnother big takeaway that I am going to use to make more money is polarity. 

Polarity is something a lot of us know about. We hear about it all the time. Left vs. right, Democrats vs. Republicans, and so on. That polarity is so important to use in your business messaging.

Using polarity will help you to identify with like-minded people and show your values. What are your core values as a business owner and as a person? What is it that you stand for?

For me, this was a good moment to step back and look at the situation. What I see is a lot of people out there offering education about marketing, branding, and graphic design businesses. They’re giving people bad information. They’re misleading them just so they can make a buck.

That is what I stand against. The reason I make these videos is to spread the right information. It’s not about generating revenue; I genuinely want to help people. I stand for educating the market and helping small businesses grow.

And I stand against people who are taking advantage of our industry. Like people who design logos for $5, or do videos for pennies on the dollar. That just doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t help the customer and it doesn’t help the business owner — everybody loses.

These are the ideas I want you to use in your businesses: things you stand against and things you stand for. Use those. Obviously, you can go to extremes if you want, but I always try to find my own balance and keep it authentic.

Keep Working!

3 Millionaire Secrets I Learned | Graphic Design Business TrainingThose are the 3 big takeaways. What is your time worth? What do you stand for, and what do you stand against? And remember: it’s going to take hard work. 

You’re going to have to work hard for the things you want in life. It’s not going to come easy. If it came easy, you wouldn’t value it as much.

So, that’s my video for you today. I look forward to seeing you on the next one, and as always, keep looking up.