Just because you build a website, doesn’t mean anybody’s going to see it. Even if you’re good at writing content, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be seen. You’ve got to drive traffic.

I love taking the time to talk to you guys about building your websites, building your business, and building your future. Today, I’m going to tell you about 5 ways to generate free traffic.

5 (free) ways to drive traffic

5 WAYS TO INCREASE WEBSITE TRAFFIC IN 2020 FOR FREESo, how do you get traffic to your website? Aside from the traditional SEO ways, there are 5 ways to drive free traffic to your website, that I want to tell you guys about today. So without further ado, let’s roll into it.

Now, keep in mind, you may be using one or more of these already, but taking advantage of all 5 is very important to help you drive traffic to your website.

If you build your website the right way, and generate the right traffic with the right messaging, that’s going to create more revenue for you in the future. So, let’s jump right into it.

1. Podcasts

First up: podcasting. It seems like everybody you know has a podcast these days. There are so many podcasts online, but what you may not know is that 95% of podcasts are listened to on iTunes. So, my first homework assignment for you is to get on a podcast.

5 WAYS TO INCREASE WEBSITE TRAFFIC IN 2020 FOR FREEA podcast, especially a bigger one, is going to help generate a ton of traffic back to you. Even if only 10 people hear you, that is free traffic just from spending some of your time. It is not going to cost you money.

If a podcaster does try to charge you, I would recommend going a different direction — unless it’s really, really cheap, and they have a big following. For the most part, I recommend only getting on free podcasts.

How do you get on a podcast?

You may be asking yourself: how the heck do I get onto a podcast? The goal is to have something to offer: a strong “why” and a strong message. 

To find your podcast, you can start by approaching people on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter, and on their websites. Write comments on the podcast and tell them that you want to be featured — but don’t make it all about you.

As you already know, it’s all about delivering value upfront. You should authentically listen to podcast episodes, and see how you align with them. You want to be sure that you have the same core values, so you know you’re in the right placer to promote your business. You want to take every opportunity you have to generate traffic yourself.

It’s important to make yourself look good, so you should try to get onto a podcast that aligns with your vision and mission. But again, don’t make your initial message all about you. It’s okay to include a little nugget about why they should listen to you, in terms of what you’re willing to offer them, but make it about them.

They’re asking themselves: “Well, what’s in it for me, and what’s in it for my audience?” So you need to make sure that whatever it is you have to offer will be valuable to them.

Lead with that value upfront. Lead with a napkin, not a bib. You’re not trying to feast off of these people; you’re trying to deliver value to them. If you can deliver content and expertise that actually helps them, and helps their audience, you’ll have a better chance of getting on that show.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re unique. Make sure that what you’re doing is different from everybody else, because you don’t want to sound the same. That’s all part of your brand. Your brand should be different from everybody else’s out there.

2. Zoom

5 WAYS TO INCREASE WEBSITE TRAFFIC IN 2020 FOR FREENumber two: Zoom. Zoom is an awesome platform, which tons of people are using. People are going on Zoom for conferences, for virtual summits, for masterclasses, for training, for group consulting, and more. This is a platform that’s being used every single day.

Since we can’t do these one-on-one networking groups, it’s really important that you hop on board with the digital world. If you don’t have a Zoom account, I highly recommend that you get one. It’s really cheap, and it will pay for itself if you use it often. Just like a regular networking group!

I was recently on a Zoom call that had over 70 people. Those were all potential clients, all potential business owners, who I could build a relationship with. We were broken into separate rooms, and it was a blast. You can have so much fun on those Zoom calls.

What can you do with Zoom?

You should be using Zoom to interview and connect with people. It’s essentially the video version of a podcast. The content you make on your Zoom call can also become another podcast episode. 

Take the opportunity to jump on other peoples’ Zoom calls, conferences, and networking groups. There are tons of opportunities out there if you know where to look. You’ll see them on Facebook and other social platforms.

It’s a great way to build your awareness, boost your reputation, and get in front of more people — especially now, while we’re all stuck behind our computers and can’t spend time meeting people face-to-face.

3. Blogging

The third easy way to generate free traffic is by blogging. 

5 WAYS TO INCREASE WEBSITE TRAFFIC IN 2020 FOR FREENow, I want to emphasize this: blogging is a very good strategy, but you shouldn’t expect an immediate return. You need to understand that it takes 6 – 12 months of blogging consistently to see an ROI and have your traffic go up, just like with YouTube.

It’s really important that you spend the time building a foundation, and that you write quality content. You’re sharing your knowledge and expertise in your own words. Make it original, and deliver it with authenticity and your own core values.

Here’s a great method: you can record your Zoom calls or podcast episodes, transcribe them, clean them up, upload them as blog articles. Post photos and videos to make that content even better.

Why does blogging help?

You need to focus on creating content for multiple channels, to drive that traffic. That’s what is going to create interest; you’re going to be attracting people that know you, like you, and trust you. That is the secret — people want to do business with someone they like and trust. 

On top of that, you’ve got to be your own fun, goofy self. You’ve got to put yourself out there. Be willing to take risks and step out of your comfort zone. That is the best way to build relationships with people.

By sharing your knowledge and your passion through your blog, you’re going to create an interest. And that interest is going to create a desire, which will eventually lead them to take action. Always remember to encourage them to take action.

4. Social media

5 WAYS TO INCREASE WEBSITE TRAFFIC IN 2020 FOR FREESocial media is a really powerful platform, whether you’re using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even Tik Tok.

Tik Tok is a booming social media platform right now. If you can jump on early and build bandwidth, it can be a great opportunity. You can create short little business tips, health tips, cooking tips, or whatever your business does. Those posts are just 60 seconds long, and effective. It’s a wonderful platform to generate traffic.

Remember, all that traffic should be directed to one place, whether it’s your website, your Facebook page, or your landing page. Everything should be focused on delivering to one call to action, and you should deliver that same call to action over and over again.

As you continue to blog, as you continue to post on social, and as you continue to share your content, you’re going to see your traffic start to incrementally climb. It will get to the point where you’ll have thousands of people visiting your page per month.

It’s going to take a long time to get there, but if you’re willing to put in the work, time, and energy, you can do it with no money out of your pocket.

5. YouTube

YouTube is an amazing platform to authentically build your brand and capture an audience, just like I’m doing with these videos.

That’s important no matter what platform you’re on — you need to make sure you’re engaging with your audience. You can comment on other people’s comments, or like other people’s comments. You need to be offering value to other people, not just expecting to receive it.

It’s all about giving. You want to be giving back to the community, not just taking things. That’s an important part of building value with people. You need to have a strong “why” in all that you do. What is your “why?”

For example, my mission is to advocate for youth in need: people who don’t have somebody on their side, people who don’t have an advocate for them.

It’s very important that you take the time to understand what your “why” is. And if you don’t have that strong passion, you need to take the time to learn it. Then you can apply it to all of your content. That’s going to create traffic and bring value back to you.

Be a giver, not a taker

5 WAYS TO INCREASE WEBSITE TRAFFIC IN 2020 FOR FREERemember: it’s not all about giving, not receiving. If you give value to people, I promise you, you will receive in return. It’s just the way things go. You have got to be a giver, not a taker. 

So, to rehash: podcasts, Zoom, blogs, social media, and YouTube — these are all free ways to generate traffic. Create a buzz, create interest, and you’ll ultimately create action. That’s the goal.

Thank you guys so much for tuning in, and as always, keep looking up.