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Advertising wraps are becoming more and more popular in advertising. They come at a premium price, but the advertising opportunities they provide make them worth every penny for many businesses. From advertising wraps on cars to trucks to company vehicles, mobile advertising is drastically changing as we know it. However, vehicle advertising is one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions that any company can invest in for their business goals. This blog post will go into detail about some of the benefits of advertising with vehicle wrap advertisements!

Advertising Wraps Mean More Business Views

Advertising Wraps: Business Views On the GoI have a question: if I could tell you how to get 30 to 80,000–potentially, even more–views of your business every day for a flat rate cost of like 2,500 bucks, one time would you read this article to the end? If you said yes, you’re going to love this article because I will share something that I have never shared before and something I think is vital for your business. I want to share the power that vehicle graphics and wraps have to grow and impact your business in this post.

It’s a powerful tool, and we’re going to talk about that today. I want to share the different types of vehicle graphics, vehicle wraps, and how they can be applied, and what’s good, and what’s wrong with them. We’re going to keep this one kind of short, but I’m going to make sure I give you all the data and the information you need to apply this right away because you should be doing it right away. The first thing that you need to know is what are vehicle graphics or advertising wraps?

What Are Advertising Wraps?

Advertising Wraps: Business Views On the GoThey’re somewhat self-explanatory, but I want to give you a little more context to better understand what they are. You can communicate this to your clients, and you can implement this for yourself. A vehicle wrap is basically like a giant sticker; it’s panels of big stickers that go onto your car. There are three different kinds that I’m going to talk about today, and there are some other various methods that I’m going to talk about here too, but that’s what they are. They’re a vinyl sticker printed on what’s called a wide format printer. All right, so here are the three different kinds of vehicle wraps or vehicle graphics that you can apply to your business.

Full Advertising Wraps

The first one is probably the most popular right now; they’ve increased in popularity, and that’s the full wrap type. Usually, everything on the vehicle–front, side, and back–is covered except for the roof. The roof doesn’t typically get wrapped because nobody sees the top. Occasionally people do a full wrap that covers the roof, but a typical full wrap covers all of the sides of the vehicle except the roof. A full wrap is done in panels.

They’re anywhere between 60 inches and usually around 54 inches. The typical size is a 54-inch roll, and you put that roll on the side, lay it up from the top, and do them in panels. You have a slight gap that overlays from each sticker to the next – about half an inch. So that if things shrink, which vinyl is known for shrinking, you don’t have any gaps in your wrap, so that’s important. But they panel this all the way down the side of the vehicle. It may be two to four panels depending on the square footage of that car. It can range you as low as 1,500 bucks and as high as three grand, but typically it’s in the 2,000 to 2,500 range for a high-end full wrap.

Half Advertising Wraps

The second kind of wrap is a half wrap. Now, I love half wraps because they still make a significant impact on businesses. You can put them on trucks, you can put them on vans, you can put them on cars, and you don’t actually have to wrap the entire vehicle. If the wrap matches the car’s color and balances well, you don’t have to spend the same amount of money. So it can cut the cost significantly.

You could be looking at anywhere between 800 bucks on the low side and probably as high as maybe 1,500 bucks for a half wrap, and you can still communicate a great message without having the entire car wrapped up. Wraps can do your windows, your body, your tailgate–all that stuff. There are different ways to do wraps.

Vinyl Graphics

The third one is a little different. This type of work is where I started my career when I had my sign shop. I was doing a lot of vinyl graphics, vehicle graphics, and so you can do something that makes it look like a full-blown wrap. I have friends and clients people that I’ve worked with for years that have done this, but you can do a color change so that you can change the whole color of your car! You wrap the vehicle in a different colored vinyl, and then on top of that, you use a plotter which is a little bit different from a machine, and you plot out a design.

Then you take that big sticker, stick it on the side, and do the next piece. You do the phone number, and that’s another. Each element is an individual piece. Rather than having the information printed on a full sheet, the components are cut-out pieces. It’s immaculate, it’s crisp, and it looks corporate. Many big companies do that, but if you want a printed wrap that’s going to last a long time, typically, what you want to do is make sure those wraps are laminated and protected from the outdoor elements.

Why Advertising Wraps?

Advertising Wraps: Business Views On the GoGreat wraps can level the playing field against even the biggest companies in the world, and it helps you level that playing field against all of your competition. This section is where it applies to you and your clients, where you can use this information, and it’s the why. So why should you get an advertising wrap?

This is an important question: advertising wraps, especially great vehicle wraps level the playing field in the advertising space and help give small business owners the advantage over big competitors. It’s an affordable project, an affordable design, and an affordable marketing method that you can apply to your business that is the same as your competitors, no matter your size. It doesn’t cost more money if you’re a big corporate company. So here are the three reasons why you should get a vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics for your business.

First Impressions Matter

Number one is that it has an in-your-face staying power and makes a huge first impression, putting you ahead of your competition. Second, it provides you with an edge by making you stand out as different from the crowd to create a lasting memory through vehicle wrapping that’s distinctive and hopefully easy.

Offline and Organic

Number two, it’s an offline and an organic marketing approach. There is no ad spend here; all you’re doing is paying for the one-time design and installation costs. The wraps will last a long time if properly taken care of, sometimes as long as five years.

Company Culture

The third reason is that it helps you develop a sense of culture inside your business, yourself, and your clients. It fosters a sense of authority and confidence. People will see you as an expert when you pull up to a job or a customer’s office or home.

Advertising Wrap Facts and Tips

Advertising Wraps: Business Views On the GoSo, I want to give you just a couple of stats to help externally validate the information and the power of advertising wraps and vehicle graphics. The first stat I want to share with you is that 98% of Americans indicated that they notice media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers. Second, a single advertising wrap gets anywhere between 30 to 80,000 views on average per day. That can be higher in bigger cities that can be a little bit lower in smaller towns.

Number three is fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition fifteen times greater than any other advertising media. In addition, car wraps can claim a lower cost per impression rate than any other form of advertising at the cost of fewer than 44 dollars per million impressions. It’s an excellent way for the little guy and the mom-and-pop operation to compete with vendors that are ten times their size affordably. It’s a perfect way for the little guy or those mom-and-pop operations to compete on advertising and marketing against the big companies that are ten times the size of a small business owner.

Vehicle Wrap Tip: Big Logos Are a No-Go

My first tip when it comes to the design of your wrap is that no one cares about your logo. I know you’re all proud of your logo (or maybe you’re not proud of it, in which case, see this article). But people make their logos massive on the side of their advertising wraps and vehicle graphics when their phone number is tiny. Do not do that. That is a horrible strategy because, and I say this with love, no one cares about your logo.

Make the logo smaller what needs to be significant is what you do and how to reach you. If it says “plumbing” on there, but the word is two inches wide, no one’s going to see that. They have just a second to drive by. No one cares about the logo. If you’re just doing just branding because you’re so recognizable that you’re a household name, I get that, but most of you guys reading this article don’t have that type of brand visibility and recognition.

So you need to make what you do–whether it’s graphic design, web design, motion design, video, whatever that is–whatever service you’re offering, you need to make sure that that service is tremendous on the side. Then, it would help if you had a clear, concise contact way to get in contact with you, whether it’s a phone number or a website address, or a text shortcode. I would encourage you to make sure your website and your phone number are on the vehicle wrap. These are the vital pieces of information that potential clients want to see.

Vehicle Wrap Tip: Less Is More

My second piece of advice is where I see a lot of vehicle wraps going the wrong direction is less is more. Do not clutter it up with these crazy backgrounds and effects and all this stuff that makes the design so busy. You will have so much going on you can’t even really clearly see what the message is. Don’t distract people.

Please keep it simple. You want to make sure that the phone number, the service you offer, and maybe something that differentiates you are all on your sticker. You can put your branding on there but just simplify it. Remember to keep it simple, keep it clean. The cleaner it is, the more memorable it’s going to be. Just make sure that the information on there applies to your business and is really clear of what separates you.

Vehicle Wrap Tip: You Get What You Pay For

My third piece of advice that I want to give you when you’re doing a vehicle wrap on your car is to not go cheap. There’s a lot of companies out there doing advertising wraps for dirt cheap fly-by-night operations that come out to your house and do it. You don’t want to go cheap on this because this is something that needs to be done right. From trimming around the tail lights to pulling off panels on your car to prepping the car the right way.

You want this advertising wrap to last even if you try to save yourself 500 bucks, but the wrap lasts half as long, and it’s not worth it. So don’t go cheap. Instead, hire the best wrap company in your area to do the job, even if they charge you a little bit more than what I told you. This purchase is an investment into your business that’s going to pay you hugely. It’s one of the best investments vehicle reps pay themselves for themselves sometimes within the first 30 days-60 days.

There’s not a lot of things that you can spend money on that are going to bring that type of return back other than yourself and that’s why you took the time to read this post. Your time is worth a lot, even more than money, and so taking the time to invest in yourself is super essential, something I talk about all the time. This wrap is an investment into you and into your business. You’re taking some identity and you’re going to have confidence around the vehicle wrap. You can’t do that if you go cheap with the wrap; make sure you invest some serious money to get it done the best that it can be.


Advertising Wraps: Business Views On the GoSo that’s it; that’s what I wanted to talk to you guys about. The advertising wraps vehicle graphics–I tried to break it down and explain why: why it’s important, how you can get the most from an advertising wrap, and that’s what I have for you guys today. So hopefully, this was super helpful. Thank you guys so much for reading. I’m Adrian Boysel; I’ll see you guys on the next article and, as always, keep looking up.