Catapult K12 Education Marketing Services

As an established education marketing agency, we keep parents informed and connected with Catapult K12’s integrated suite of K12 marketing services. Our school CMS websitesemergency managementmass communication and branded district app make communication easy and seamless, using the cell phones and devices families rely on.

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Catapult K12 Solutions

Catapult K12 CMS

An Intuitive Content Management System for School Websites That Makes It Easy to Create, Edit, and Update Content

School Communication System

An Integrated School Communication System with a Variety of Communication Channels to Maintain Community Connection

School Emergency Notification System

Catapult EMS, K12 School Emergency Notification System & Mass Alert Technology

Catapult  K12 APP

A Branded K12 App for School Districts That Makes Communication and Information Easily Accessible on Mobile Devices


Catapult K12 Marketing Services | Our Systems Talk to Each Other

With our integrated education marketing services for K12, your Emergency Management System (EMS), Website (CMS), Mass Communication (Connect) and District Branded K12 App communicate to your whole school community AND to each other as well!

From EMS or Connect, with Catapult’s K12 school marketing services, you can trigger many automated actions at once such as a website pop-up alert, communication to parents or an announcement to an emergency website. Simultaneously, with Catapult’s k12 marketing tools for school, you can email, text, call and push posts to social media and our District Branded App. Parents receive information in multiple ways, and the district needs to manage only one information hub.


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WeTip Anonymous Reporting Made Simple

WeTip offers a number of different marketing packages to ensure your community, organization, or clients know the safe and anonymous reporting channels accessible to them. All crime reporting materials include a Dedicated or National Phone Hotline, scannable QR Code, and Web Form access.

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CA 91729


National Hotlines

Besides a national crime tip hotline, WeTip provides national web forms, phone lines, and mobile app, available for use anywhere, anytime.

Web-Based Form Reporting

WeTip offers web-based reporting services for organizations, thus allowing them to become WeTip members and sign up for dedicated form reporting methods customized for their needs.

Web-Based Form Monitoring

Web-Based crime tip form monitoring based on your organization’s emergency thresholds, monitored after hours or 24/7/365. Our web based form monitoring system ensures that your organization is safe.

Anonymous Call Center

WeTip operators staff the toll-free, nationwide call center crime hotlines and internet lines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


WeTip is proud to offer virtual or onsite crime prevention training to help empower your teams to prevent crime from occurring at your organization or in your community. We teach you to employ various crime prevention strategies that work and ensure efficient crime prevention and community safety.

We’ve Got You Covered.

WeTip provides intelligence and information to local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies relating to criminal activity obtained from an online and telephone crime reporting hotline.

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