High-Quality Websites for Guest Posting

High-Quality Websites for Guest Posting
High-Quality Websites for Guest Posting

This high-quality free guest posting sites list features more than 20 options for backlink management and press release distribution to boost visibility for your content.

We’ve curated a list of free guest-posting websites to save you time, money, and frustration as you get your message out there.


How to Find Quality Websites for Guest PostingHow to Find Quality Websites for Guest Posting

What sets a quality guest posting site apart? You might think that a higher cost means higher quality when it comes to backlinking, but that’s not always the case. The best strategy to maximize visibility on a budget is low-cost, high-authority sites

Why It’s Important to Use Quality Websites for Guest Posting

Most blog articles barely see traffic. Why? Because readers tend to stick to a few favorite sites for their content fix. By distributing your content to these hubs, you can piggyback on their authority.

Affordable SEO Boost

Each of the content hubs on our list offers these content distribution services for free, giving you effective backlinking options no matter your budget.


Benefits of Guest Posting and Content Distribution

Benefits of Guest Posting and Content DistributionThere are many advantages to using other websites and forums to build backlinks through content distribution. The benefits of guest blogging revolve mostly around trust and authority. These are the three biggest guest posting benefits:

Expand Your Reach

Instead of relying only on your own site to attract a following, you can appeal to readers where they already are.

Find New Markets

Content hubs appeal to many market segments you may not have considered. See how your content lands with new readers.

Build Brand Trust

Every page that links to your site tells search engines they can trust you, and they pass that trust on with their rankings.


Types of Publications and Websites Included

Types of Publications and Websites IncludedNeed fre PR? The websites in this list offer a variety of content and distribution formats for you to choose from. Pick the ones that best suit your brand, and keep the rest in your back pocket.

Article Submissions

Some of these sites require all content to be original, which makes creating derivative content necessary. This means rewriting your original piece while using keywords as link anchors.

Press Release

Whenever you publish an article on your website (or host an event, or have breakthrough—anything that could be considered “newsworthy”), create a press release to send out.


Choosing to write regular content for a hub can be a fast and effective way to catch the attention of people who need your services. Keep an eye out for “Write for Us” pages.

Guest Posting

Guest posting, as the name implies, is the practice of posting articles and other types of content on hub sites. This can be derivative material or entirely original pieces.

Community Contributions

Becoming a contributor to a publication that’s popular with your industry is an excellent way to build trust and establish your brand as an authority in your specific field.

Republication Platforms

Don’t want to create derivative content but still want to expand your readership? Republication platforms allow you to post the exact same article in more than one place.

Need High Quality Content?

Need High Quality ContentThe content marketing experts at Adrian Agency are standing by to help you create valuable blogs, scintillating articles, and high-quality web copy that your audience will keep coming back to, time and time again.

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We can turn that original content into new, derivative works to help you make the most of your SEO and backlinking strategy. 

Quality Websites for Guest Posting That Cost $0

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In digital marketing guest post distribution is the equivalent of article pitching in the days of print-only news, but it’s instantaneous. Your site’s SEO link profile links SEO, credibility, and trust to your website with cultivated webs of connection to the best guest posting websites. Your backlink manager can help you identify the best guest post service for your back link management strategy and domain SEO. Notice that all of the entries on our free guest post site list are general sites, rather than niche specific.

There are many reasons why backlinks are important for increasing your search ranking. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of backlinks in SEO. Along with testimonials, SEO link exchange strategies with blog networks, SEO banks, and guest posting software are among the most important off-page trust-building tools available.

In addition to making sure your distributed content links back to your site, you also need to include high-quality outbound linking SEO strategies in your content.

In terms of SEO, inbound links (internal) tell search engines what else you know about your industry. To maximize SEO, external links (outbound) will tell search engines that you’ve done your research and you can prove it. 

With inbound links, SEO best practices are to add backlinks for blogs on the same subject, your overall blog post list, and relevant service pages. For outbound references, search for links that are informative and trustworthy but not directly competitive. Education, government, encyclopedia, dictionary, and science sites are best, but oblique competitors (such as companies in the same industry but a different niche) work, too.

The price depends on many factors and ranges from free (download our list for free options) to hundreds of dollars. A good nonprofit press kit takes budget into consideration, and the best blog posting websites for a nonprofit budget are in our free blog posting websites list. In addition to instant guest posting websites, you’ll find places to distribute your nonprofit press releases without the high price tag associated with paid PR distribution.

Paid guest posting is similar to free guest posting. Many of the top guest posting websites require a fee to add your content to their site, making SEO banks, like Adsy or iCopify, an excellent money-saving alternative. However, you’ll have to pay to post on free article posting websites if you choose to use a bank right from the start instead of submitting to the sites on our list first and building out from there.

Make sure any copy you repost has been released for distribution by the copyright owner (not necessary if you wrote it yourself or hired a content fulfilment team, but possibly necessary if, like the domains on our guest posting websites list, you have third-party contributors for your site).

When browsing your own newsfeed, you may see calls for submission or mentions of guest bloggers wanted. That’s because the best websites for guest posting understand the reciprocal nature of guest posting and link exchanges. When you back link software or equipment in reviews (like affiliate articles or a software guest post), this provides a valuable service to the producer of the software or product, and they’re more likely to be receptive to guest blog free aproval than a company you have no affiliation with. This kind of guest blogging benefits both parties, so keep an eye out for “guest blogger wanted” links on your favorite distribution hubs.