10 Negative Keywords That Should Be In Every Google Ad

Top 10 Negative Keywords for Google Ads

Face it, wether you are a newbie at Google Ads or a seasoned Veteran getting the right negative keywords in your campaign can be a tedious process.

Here is the top 10 negative keywords we use in almost every campaign we build.

I started working with Google Ads way back in 2011 when Google Partners was still a thing. There is very few advertising tool on the internet today that are as powerful as the Google Ads Platform. Formerly known as Google Adwords this platform offers a massive network of sites to display text ads for your business or brand. 

The key to harnessing the power of the platform may seem simple to some but in reality the depth that you can go with your ads is nearly unlimited. One of the biggest parts of ranking your ad is to use the right keywords, but there is more than just one type of keyword that should be added into your campaigns if you want them to be cost effective.

This nifty Keyword feature is called “Negative Keywords”, and it’s an absolute must if you want to setup a campaign properly. Otherwise you’ll waste money on clicks that are not relevant  to what your visitor is searching for. Relevancy is the secret sauce to cost effective and high performing ads on Google.

Before we get into the list I’d like to explain briefly why Negative Keywords are so important. Let’s say you are a residential carpet cleaner and you are looking for customers that will spend good money for a fast and reliable cleaning service. You don’t want the do it yourselfers or cheap customer. 

The best way to eliminate those types of buyers is with negative keywords, For Example: “Cheap”, “DIY”, “Rug Doctor”, and “Video” are great keywords to include in your negative list. Coming up with only 10 best is a challenge in itself seeing as you will need way more.

No matter the type of business you will always get the person that tries to haggle or beat you up on price. It’s up to you to educated the customer of why your service warrants a competitive price. You are paying for ads, you have maintenance, travel, and costs for the best supplies to do the job right.

So let’s get to it shall we? Below is a list of the top 10 negative keywords we believe should be in almost every Google advertising campaign.

  1. Free (No One Should Work For Free)
  2. Cheap (Nothing cheap is good, unless it’s Google)
  3. Jobs (Unless you’re hiring this is a big one)
  4. Download (People looking for free stuff)
  5. How To ( Classic Do It YourSelf Keyword)
  6. Equipment (Someone in research mode)
  7. Course (Someone in learning mode)
  8. Career (Looking for a Job)
  9. Salary (Future competitor)
  10. DIY (Has No Money)

Keep in mind that this is a very small list and if you’re like me you will want at least 100 negative keywords in your campaign. It was difficult for me to pick just ten to share with you, because there really are so many more than you can add, and you really should.

If you would like a full list of the negative keywords I used drop a comment at the bottom with your email and I will send you my top 100 list for free. I want everyone that ready this article to save money and maximize their potential with Google Ads.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out our blog every week for new articles and content. 

As always, God Bless and Keep looking up!

3 Steps To Become More Successful – Your Business Minute

Millions of Americans are feeling trapped in their day-to-day jobs, dreaming of a better way and a better future. Although some of these employees may achieve great levels of success in their careers, there is still no comparison to owning your own business. The personal and financial freedom that comes from it is almost impossible to find in a typical j.o.b.

Want to become more successful?

Here are just three tips I have for you that will help you become wildly successful.

Success is our goal

At a young age I was taught that “when you work for someone they pay you what they think you’re worth, but when you work for yourself, you pay yourself what you think you’re worth.” There are truly no limitations in your potential and success except the beliefs in your own mind.
So how do you achieve this new level of success and potential? Here are 3 tips to help you become wildly successful.
Business Tip Gratitude
#1 Affirmations- Every day and one at a time write down your biggest dream or goal. Something really important you want to achieve either in your personal and business life, in doing so you will see over time that new doors will begin opening up.
#2 Gratitude- Don’t look over the small wins – a constant attitude of gratitude will bring a better perspective, in your day to day operations and overall success.
#3 Live it out, act successful if you want to be successful, It takes a routine of good habits to build momentum. I’ve found for myself that creating a consistent daily routine that focuses most on my mornings and how I start my day makes a big difference in how the rest of the day will be. Good habits breed huge success!

The Importance Of Oaths

How important are oaths

This article is a lot different from what we normally write about, it’s not about oaths in business but more about how oaths are a part of everyday life and that they matter and should be honored.

Isn’t the purpose of an oath to never break it?

So why is it that so many professionals take an oath for their career such as politicians, doctors, psychiatrists, police officers, and lawyers, who hold true to the oaths that they take their entire career and never break it?
Does the basis for them keeping their oath come mostly from a fear of getting in trouble, lacking integrity, or is it just about doing the right thing? Who knows, maybe it’s just about greed and not losing their career or income?

What is it that makes these career-related oaths so strong, that so many professionals never think of ever breaking their word or commitment? Now take another type of oath, which I feel is even more important something that more than 90% of the adult population will do in their life… get married. An oath to honor one another “in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, till death do us part.”

We make an oath to one another under God and in front of witnesses, most times those witnesses are the people we love most in the world, friends family, and coworkers. We commit and say “I do” till death do us part, but they don’t really mean it do we? The facts don’t like 54% of marriages won’t make it to 20 years before winding up in divorce.

For nearly 1/4 of the population the first decade of challenges that come in their marriage end up leading to one or both of the people filing for divorce, it’s truly so sad. So why is it when we are faced with these challenges (me included) that we don’t honor our commitments to work through it for better or worse? I believe the true reasoning behind so many people giving up on their marriages is due to having no accountability, for their choices. Unlike with a professional oath if you violate that you would ruin your career, your reputation, and your income.

Wedding oaths

I for one want to stand up and say that’s bologna, you’re either a person of your word or your not. I’m not saying there aren’t special circumstances like abuse, but those are exceptions not rules and for most struggling with their marriage they simply want to give up, just because they are just not happy, or “in love” anymore. That is purely lazy, and weak, true love takes work.

You made the greatest kind of oath, in the eyes of God and his judgment is far more important than any judgments a person, entity, or group of people could put on you. He will hold you accountable for those decisions one day whether you like it or not. Giving up on the oath you made to your husband or wife in almost every situation is wrong and goes against God’s word in every way.

So stick to it, fight for it, and remember that your spouse is not responsible for your happiness only you are in control of that. Believe that with God and the oath you took in his eyes he can do all things, change hearts, and renew spirits but you must have faith!

The best way to take control is to give up control to God the one who loves and protects you from all of your stupid human decisions. The one who can move mountains with just a mustard seed of faith, and who can restore all that is broken. I hope this brings someone comfort, it’s been weighing on my heart and I felt I has to share this with all of my friends, clients, and followers. Some may not agree with my perspective but if this encourages just one person to try harder it will be worth it.

I dare you to try harder, push deeper and sacrifice more than you have. That is when I truly believe you will find true love and joy. Joy that is eternal and stronger than anything you’ve known.

Keep looking up,

Adrian Boysel.


New service announcement – Simple Lead Generation Websites

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Adrian Agency is launching a brand new website design program for small businesses.

Many of the business owners we meet simply can’t afford the expensive cost of building a WordPress website, but are educated in online marketing or web design enough to know they shouldn’t build it themselves.

Simple lead generation websiteSo what’s the affordable solution?
“Simple Lead Generation Websites”

What are the benefits you ask?

• 12 low monthly payments
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Bringing in a web analytics consultant from Adrian Agency is almost like bringing in the A-Team to solve a problem. Your business is a living organism, and so is your online presence. That means that you need doctors, trainers, and the right “food” to make sure that living organism thrives. With Adrian Agency, you will get the whole package, and it starts with great lead generating website design. Roseville, CA Website Design

Once we make sure that your website not only looks great but ranks well on Google, we will use that launching point to drive all of your local marketing. There are plenty of fancy schmancy web designers that want you to overpay for a site that looks cool. However, like many of our true hipster friends, your site is hanging around the underground scene and no one is noticing. When it comes to business, this is obviously less than ideal, so our web analytics consultant is here to help. Our team will get your site seen by the right people in your area to start getting more phone calls and converting more sales leads.

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We are dominating Roseville, CA with proven local search engine marketing strategies

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Once you bring in our team for your website copywriting, local marketing and web design in Roseville, you will be amazed by the results. In the same way that analytics has revolutionized the way sports franchises approach winning, we use analytics to make sure that your business wins, and wins, and wins. You might even get sick of winning so much!

These are not empty promises from a politician. Adrian Agency has experience using the best SEO strategies to get your website ranked on the first page of Google. With our lead generations, website ranking, and strategies for converting leads into sales, we really know how to get you on top of your game. In Roseville, search engine optimization is the key to leveling the playing field for small businesses so that they can connect with the local consumers that want to use them. Even the biggest companies benefit from using the best SEO practices, so be sure to call us if you want to make sure you get to the top and stay there!


How To Increase Traffic From Video Marketing in 2017

Welcome to “The Year of Video Marketing.” Video Marketing stands out on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube; video marketing gives customers a quick impression and summary of a product without drowning them with text. Often in less than 30 seconds, a potential customer can get all the information he or she needs about your business through a short engaging and visually attractive video.

It has become easy to create a video for a very low cost due to the developments in tech tools.  However it is important to plan out your video marketing strategy to ensure you maximize the reach of your business or product.  You may already release your Twitter and Facebook post to run on a regular and consistent basis, your video marketing strategy should have that same consistency.

Instead of just a video about a product, think of your video marketing campaign as a mini-series, that tells a story over a short period of time, could be several days or weeks, through a series of videos.  This will help maximize interest and keep you in front of potential customers and even renew interest from past customers.

Once the content of your videos has thought about and determined, set a schedule for releasing them, spacing the videos out evenly, so they are timed with the release of a product or event.  Then continue to plan new video marketing campaigns that will keep your business, brand and product fresh in people’s mind even after the event or release date.

One way to do this may be by posting tutorials relevant to your business or product.  Though it may feel as though you are giving away your secrets, you’re truly establishing your business as an expert on the subject.

This gets your viewers wanting to know more about your services and business.  A hardware store for instance could offer gardening or home improvement tips, through a series of videos, that will help build the brand.  Tutorials offer the potential for a built in series, very rarely do you only see just one how-to video posted.  As long as your tips are relevant, useful and easy to follow, customers are likely to keep coming back to view the next video in the series.

In today’s tech savvy world getting the potential customers attention is getting even harder, the cost of acquiring new customer is getting ever more expensive.  A video campaign is one way, if not the greatest way to earn the customers attention.  It is believed that by 2017, video will be around 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic. 

In contrast with text content, video content can quickly deliver information to our brains in ways that make it easier to digest. Video provides a human relationship to your customers; fueling sales and brand awareness and loyalty.  This is because text is harder for the brain to process, than it is to process visual content.

Video can engage our psychological hard wiring through effective storytelling that uses human faces, demonstration of product or services and emotional language.  With the use of visual and audio stimulation that comes with a story, information presented is more likely to stick with the customer. The products, solutions and ideas you present with emotive and expressive appeal will be remembered longer and affect your customers decisions when it’s time to make a purchasing decision. 

Today it is so easy to produce a creative and cost effective video, you shouldn’t ask yourself if you can afford it, but rather can I afford not to create a video or video campaign.  You may create and market a great video but don’t forget to attach a “Call to Action.” Viewers could thoroughly enjoy your video message, but if you don’t give them an option for something to do after watching it, it will have been for nothing.

Your call to action could be as simple as a coupon code to use on your website or offering a discount for your product or services if they mention the video when they come in. A few simple words could mean the difference between acquiring a new customer and not acquiring that customer.

A video marketing strategy provides a way for businesses and their brands to stand out from the countless text-based marketing strategies being launched every single day. When a video marketing campaign is done correctly it will help your business and brand reach new customer and turn them into loyal customers.

What is comment marketing?

comment marketing

Inbound marketing is fantastic, as it is generally free traffic. And we are ALL about free traffic in the internet marketing world. One form of inbound Marketing that isn’t generally done well by most marketers is comment marketing. Let’s figure out the right, and very wrong, way to do it.

Let’s be clear on one thing right here and now, the point of comment marketing is not to just slap links to your site on any given blog or page that allows comments. No. Just. No.

Don’t just spam. That makes you look awful and gets you very low quality links and traffic. You need to actually add some value with your comments and work every link in to your comments in the correct manner.

Before you start really diving in, it’s probably best to come up with a list of a good amount of blogs and sites that will actually be beneficial to your comment marketing strategy. Some criteria to keep in mind is:
• Find blogs relevant to yours. Seriously, if you are trying to drive traffic to your site about tree care, nobody on a wine and cheese blog is going to care
• Make sure they update often. I mean, honestly, is a site that publishes once a year REALLY going to drive in some traffic?
• The blog needs to have a decent traffic volume. I mean, you aren’t going to get eyes on your comment if there is no one there to read it

Now, you have to come up with an actual goal to your comment marketing (just like every other marketing strategy) in order for it to actually work.

If your goal is to gain traffic, then you need to focus on blogs that will help you with that. The blogs you comment on need to allow links to your site, not just links to your profile. Yes, people sometimes check out the profiles of people that comment. But more often than not, they will just click a direct link if it’s in the comments.

Now, many people use comment marketing to boost their reputation online. Which is fantastic and a great way to get people interested in your name online.

If you plan on using comment marketing for that tactic, then you are free to look at blogs that do not link to outside sites in their comments. What is really beneficial about using comment marketing to boost your online reputation is that you will have informative, and useful comments that add to the commentary left in the articles on highly trafficked and well known sites. Those viewing the comments to get more info dropped by people like yourself will start to notice just how knowledgeable you are, and will start to follow you as a result.

Comment marketing, when done properly, is a great tool. BUT when done incorrectly, you will gain a reputation as a spammer.

No one wants to go to the comment section of a really awesome and insightful article only to see a bunch of comments saying ‘hey look at this site’ followed by your URL. Don’t do that. Even if you see someone saying it’s a great way to get backlinks. It’s not. They lied. Don’t do it.

Make sure that even on those sites where you ARE linking out to your own in the comments, that you do it in a respectful manner, and that it ads to the discussion. Make commenting work for you, not the other way around. I use also use wordpress engine hosting when linking to all my sites.

Brand of the week

brand of week

We design, revise, and vector logos for business’s almost everyday. The Efficient Energy Solutions in Sacramento logo was a revision for a brand created by one of the company employees and revised by us at Adrian Agency in Sacramento, CA. This logo has a strong and simple font that immediately tells you that efficiency is the priority of this company. The tone leaf gives off digital and technical look emphasizing the advanced technology and services offered.

Here are some of the thing that our customers brand represents

1. Advanced Technology

2. Easy to work with

3. Efficient and money saving services

4. Green Sustainable energy provider

What is a Marketing Plan?

Every Business Needs A Pinpoint Marketing Plan

To develop an effective and exceptional business strategy, it takes careful planning as well as a comprehensive understanding of the market. Also, if you want to achieve success, make sure to get started with a marketing plan.

Marketing plays a vital function in every business. Business owners should be familiar with the customer base of the business and the weaknesses and strengths of their competitors. Such factors and others must be identified in the best and well-prepared marketing plan.

A great marketing plan will help you outline how your business can retain and attract customers and how this will help you beat your competitors. Your needed budget will be also included in this plan to get positive results. This must also include, business location, market research, competition, target customer group, service or product being sold, promotion, advertising, and budget.

Market Research

A successful marketing plan starts with conducting a market research. It will give you relevant information that will allow you to solve any possible marketing concerns. More often than not, the 3 most pragmatic ways in conducting market research are utilizing a telephone survey, direct mail survey or through conducting a focus team.

If you consider using a direct mail survey, ensure to keep your questions short with a length no more than 2 pages. The consumer probably will not voluntarily participate with your survey without providing any incentives. Therefore, you must include postage-paid envelopes so that your respondents won’t have to pay for the privilege of assisting you. If you have sufficient budget, sending a reminder about 2 weeks after initial mailing can be a good idea. Take note that direct mail can be expensive as you will need printing of direct mail, postage, envelopes, and other incentives used.

Phone surveys are also another option you may consider. This is the most cost-effective technique in which you can conduct a survey without the need of worrying about mailing or printing costs. The major costs in phone surveys are the fee of the interviewer, questionnaire preparation, and phone charges.

Focus Groups are also another good way of gathering specific information of your targeted audience. Your main costs could include the expenses in assembling and recruiting the groups, fee of the interviewer, research time, renting rooms if possible, incentives, and recording cost of the interviews.

Secondary data is imperative to develop a successful marketing plan. Studies and reports done by the government agencies, some businesses or trade associations within your industry can offer you essential statistics on the research area.

Regardless of what kind of market research you do, you should concentrate on gathering enough information when determining who your potential customers are and other things that would help youmake your business grow in no time.

The Marketing Plan Components

Once you are done with your market research, the next thing that you should do is to start developing your marketing plan, which has some basic components and these are:

  • Executive Summary

At the start of your marketing plan, you should always include a brief summary that would summarize its contents.

  • Business

In this part, you will need to define vital characteristics regarding your business.

  • Goals

Discussing your marketing objectives will help you create a good marketing plan. These must be clear, attainable within a particular period of time, and realistic. If you many goals, see to it that they complement each other and ensure that your plan’s components support all your marketing goals.

  • Customers

Evaluate your customers based on their gender, profession, age, educational level, neighborhood, and income. Know where some of your customers shop and what qualities of your products or service that your customers value.

  • Service or Product

Describing in detail your service or product and emphasizing its exceptional selling points, features, and many more is also an important component of a marketing plan.

  • Competitors

Knowing your competitors can also play a huge role in achieving results with your marketing plan. So, know your competitors first and find out how you can beat them.

  • Location

Include the location of your business and the pros and cons of your location.

  • Budget

Including your budget will allow you to know the cost that will be allocated for promotions and advertising including material distribution and printing.

  •  Pricing Strategy

List the best pricing methods and provide a brief description of every technique. With this component of marketing plan, you will know how to price your service or product properly.

A comprehensive and well-written marketing plan is important in every business venture as it describes how you plan to retain and attract customers, what resources you will have, and how you will stay ahead of the competition to achieve all your business goals.

The Perks of Marketing Plan for Your Business

There are numerous benefits you would get if you will make a marketing plan for your business. Some of them are:

  • Marketing Plan Allows Clear Decision Making

Knowing which factors could affect your business and auditing which resources you have within your business to deal with, you can guarantee that you will make great decisions that will lead you to success.

  • Marketing Plan Can Help You Prevent Panic Decisions

Marketing plan will provide you a clear view of what’s going on in today’s market and will provide you a framework that would help you make decisions no matter how tough the situation is.

  • Marketing Plan Also Offers Direction

Marketing plan also provides you a direction. Since it includes all of the things you need to know for your business, you will be able to stay on the right path, regardless of what issues may arise in the long run.

There are other benefits that you could get from developing a marketing plan. So, if you are planning to establish a business, ensure that you start with a marketing plan first because this can make a huge difference and can help you reach all you goals in a hassle-free manner. The Adrian Agency team can help you craft a marketing plan for your business today and discover how our Market Optics Program can turn your business into a success.

For more information about developing a marketing plan feel free to call us directly at 916-905-0551