A brand is so much more than just a logo, and that is why it’s important to look at some factors of your logo and analyze if your logo is really working for your business.

1. Is your logo pixelated or fuzzy? Many graphic designers will sell you on their “CUSTOM LOGO DESIGN” and tell you that you are paying for custom work when in reality your logo is a combination of a bunch of images combined into one with photoshop. A real logo designer does not work in Photoshop for his final project, unless he is unfamiliar with Adobe Illustrator and is using the vector capabilities that photoshop has recently integrated in to their program. Having a vector version of your logo will allow you to scale your logo to any size for any medium without the worry of a blurry or pixelated graphic. Vector is a completely different process than a photoshop design. Photoshop uses what the industry calls PIXELS, Vector is Path connected to one another with anchor points and curves, creating a solid object that will retain it’s quality and clean look no matter the size.

2. What does your logo say about your business? Stock logos have become so popular with the enhancement of web capabilities and access to royalty free images. Many companies are choosing to use very generic logos that not only do not match their industry and services, but their brand. This can be a very costly mistake. Its very important to establish your business and a unique and trusted figure in your local area as most of your business will come from local supporters, friends, and even family. One look at your logo should give that potential buyer an exact, if not very close idea, of what type of business you are. From company colors to typography there are many elements of a logo design that determine how people see your business. For example Jim’s Pool Cleaning probably won’t be using the orange and yellow designs without some some dominant blue colors representing the water.

3. Do you LOVE your logo? It’s your brand, and your brand is you! If your logo does not make you feel excited to build your brand,  or make you want to show it off to every friend and co worker, you probably are suffering from a condition I call “Branditus” (only joking about the condition). You should feel proud of your companies brand and image, it’s your first impression to give and it’s how people see you, your business, and services. How would your customers describe your company when they are telling their friends or co workers about their purchase or services you have offered to them.

Here are just some keywords to identify if your logo has these qualities: Trust, Power, Reliability, Timeless Established, Innovative, Professional, Creative, Intelligent, Hard Working, Affordable, Dependable, Fast, On Time, Efficient, American, Local.

Here are some keywords that your logo should not be related to: Cluttered, Busy, Flashy, Blurry, Old, Boring, Generic, Simple, Basic, Expensive, Tiny.

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Here are some additional creative logos for your inspiration.