Welcome to “The Year of Video Marketing.” Video Marketing stands out on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube; video marketing gives customers a quick impression and summary of a product without drowning them with text. Often in less than 30 seconds, a potential customer can get all the information he or she needs about your business through a short engaging and visually attractive video.

It has become easy to create a video for a very low cost due to the developments in tech tools.  However it is important to plan out your video marketing strategy to ensure you maximize the reach of your business or product.  You may already release your Twitter and Facebook post to run on a regular and consistent basis, your video marketing strategy should have that same consistency.

Instead of just a video about a product, think of your video marketing campaign as a mini-series, that tells a story over a short period of time, could be several days or weeks, through a series of videos.  This will help maximize interest and keep you in front of potential customers and even renew interest from past customers.

Once the content of your videos has thought about and determined, set a schedule for releasing them, spacing the videos out evenly, so they are timed with the release of a product or event.  Then continue to plan new video marketing campaigns that will keep your business, brand and product fresh in people’s mind even after the event or release date.

One way to do this may be by posting tutorials relevant to your business or product.  Though it may feel as though you are giving away your secrets, you’re truly establishing your business as an expert on the subject.

This gets your viewers wanting to know more about your services and business.  A hardware store for instance could offer gardening or home improvement tips, through a series of videos, that will help build the brand.  Tutorials offer the potential for a built in series, very rarely do you only see just one how-to video posted.  As long as your tips are relevant, useful and easy to follow, customers are likely to keep coming back to view the next video in the series.

In today’s tech savvy world getting the potential customers attention is getting even harder, the cost of acquiring new customer is getting ever more expensive.  A video campaign is one way, if not the greatest way to earn the customers attention.  It is believed that by 2017, video will be around 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic. 

In contrast with text content, video content can quickly deliver information to our brains in ways that make it easier to digest. Video provides a human relationship to your customers; fueling sales and brand awareness and loyalty.  This is because text is harder for the brain to process, than it is to process visual content.

Video can engage our psychological hard wiring through effective storytelling that uses human faces, demonstration of product or services and emotional language.  With the use of visual and audio stimulation that comes with a story, information presented is more likely to stick with the customer. The products, solutions and ideas you present with emotive and expressive appeal will be remembered longer and affect your customers decisions when it’s time to make a purchasing decision. 

Today it is so easy to produce a creative and cost effective video, you shouldn’t ask yourself if you can afford it, but rather can I afford not to create a video or video campaign.  You may create and market a great video but don’t forget to attach a “Call to Action.” Viewers could thoroughly enjoy your video message, but if you don’t give them an option for something to do after watching it, it will have been for nothing.

Your call to action could be as simple as a coupon code to use on your website or offering a discount for your product or services if they mention the video when they come in. A few simple words could mean the difference between acquiring a new customer and not acquiring that customer.

A video marketing strategy provides a way for businesses and their brands to stand out from the countless text-based marketing strategies being launched every single day. When a video marketing campaign is done correctly it will help your business and brand reach new customer and turn them into loyal customers.