5 Problems with iHouse Websites

1. Your iHouse website is a mobile site, not responsive.

I bet 7/10 of your website visitors come from a mobile device.

You need your website to look stunning when a visitor is on their iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, etc.

Unfortunately with iHouse websites, they just don’t look good on mobile.

All of iHouse websites use a “mobile site” design, which is cheap and saves time, but takes away from the user-experience.

A mobile design:

  • Damages your SEO (in a bad way)
  • Slows down your site
  • Makes it difficult for visitors to browse MLS listings
  • Almost impossible for Buyers/Sellers to fill out their contact information

We’re in 2016… Every website should be built with the latest design standards for mobile devices – responsive design.

2. Difficult to browse MLS listings and boring IDX.

With iHouse, your MLS listings are difficult to search, the features are formatted funky and the call-to-actions are clunky.

3. SEO is limited and missing critical areas.

SEO on the iHouse websites are almost nonexistent.

4. Your website loads very slow

A “mobile site” requires a separate domain, such as m.kellerwilliams.com.

Your mobile site directs visitors to the mobile version, which takes a long time load (even for patient people.)

5. Template site that looks like thousands of other Realtor websites