Hey, what’s up, everybody. Welcome back to another Adrian Agency video. I’m Adrian Boysel, and I just wanted to show you this new lens that I got. It’s actually the very first lens that I’ve ever bought for a camera. I’ve had digital cameras and video cameras for a long time, but they always had fixed lenses. So now I’m stepping my game up, and we’re going to start playing around, trying out some new lenses.


I was actually inspired by Peter McKinnon and one of his “cage” videos he did, showing his gear cage, and then he recently did one of his YouTube setup. So I wanted to show you guys my YouTube setup, as I’m improving, making moves, trying to really grow my YouTube channel, and get more people. That’s why I’ve been asking you guys to comment, share, like the videos, subscribe and do all these things. Because I needed people to see this content that I’m making, that is incredibly valuable. It’s taken me 15 years of knowledge and experience to get this.

My New Fixed Lens Is So Much Better For My Vlog!So today I wanted to just show you the difference between this lens — this is the typical 18 through 135 lens that we’re using, which the camera actually came with when I bought the Sony at Best Buy — and we just picked up a 50mm Lens, as you saw. So we’re going to try that out, and you’re gonna be able to see what the differences between the two.

The Difference

Alright, so here’s the 50-millimeter lens. We do have the camera on auto, so I’m sure it’s going to adjust a little bit, but as you can tell, it’s got a much shorter depth of field than the other lens. That lens is a zoom lens, so it goes, like I said, from 18 to 135, and this is a fixed, or a prime lens. If you’re new to cameras, this is prime. So it doesn’t zoom, but we are able to adjust the F-stop. The cool thing about this one is you have an F-stop of 1.8. I think, and some of the camera gurus could correct me in the comments if you want, I think the lowest you can really get is about a 1.4. So a 1.8 is a really good lens. I got it for a really good deal. It actually came with a lens cleaning kit, and it came with a UV filter. I think it was about $349.

So, we’re going to be using this for studio stuff, and we’re going to be getting a second camera. So just as a part of everything that we’re doing, all the wins that we’ve been having, and the amount of traction we’ve been getting here from YouTube, I’m starting to invest in some of the more expensive equipment like lenses, like gimbals, like the Manfrotto 504HD Tripod (I just bought a big one). So you’re going to start to see us up our game. And I even got some new lapel mics, so the quality of the audio is better. We’re just all-around having some wins.

Why Used a Fixed Lens?

I wanted to share this new lens just so you can see how great it is. If you’re not using a fixed lens like this, like a 50-millimeter, (this is one I’ve been wanting for a really long time), I would encourage you to get one. It’s good to have multiple lenses, especially for interviews like this. You can see the background is kind of blurred out, so it’s just really nice. It gives you that really short depth of field, and just makes your videos look really professional. So, check these out, you can get them on Amazon.

My New Fixed Lens Is So Much Better For My Vlog!The links in this article are affiliate links, but really I just wanted to kind of give you a way to see if these tools could be helpful for you. In the video, you can just see a comparison between the two. You saw the lake shots, and now you’re able to see some of the studio shots that we’re doing here. So definitely share this with a friend. If you’re looking at lenses, this is definitely a really good lens to buy. If you’re a new videographer and you’re looking at, “what lens should I buy?” I would definitely recommend this one. I think it’s a great lens. I did a lot of research. That’s part of what I do, I’m a researcher. I love to research stuff before I buy it, and the reviews were amazing. Other videographers were amazing, and I’ve seen other people like Peter McKinnon talking about it.

What Next?

The next one for me is probably going to be a Sigma lens. I’m really excited. There’s a 16-millimeter Sigma lens that’s really, really neat, great for doing outside architectural photos. So I’ll probably pick up that one next, but this is my first step, the 50-millimeter. Then, once we get our Sony A6600 Camera, then that’s going to be our next camera. We’ll have two camera shots going on, and we’re just going to continue to make the show, and the podcast, and everything that we’re doing, better and better and better.

My New Fixed Lens Is So Much Better For My Vlog!So thank you guys so much for being along with me. We finally hit 350 subscribers, so that’s awesome. I just need to reach more people. So, if you can share this video with a friend, or share any of my videos with a friend, and pass the word, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you guys. Hope you’re having a great week this week. We’re off to a good start — go out there and make some things happen. Share your wins. If you’re a father like me, share what you did for Father’s Day. I just want to get to know you guys. You guys are important to me, and I’m doing this for you!

Hope you guys have a great day. I look forward to seeing you on the next one, and as always, keep looking up.