Social Media Marketing for Graphic Designers

Social Media Marketing for Designers

Social Media Marketing For DesignersDid you know that over 150 million hours are spent watching YouTube every single day? If you multiply 150 million by 365, that will estimate how much time is spent on YouTube each year! If you didn’t already know, YouTube is a search engine. However, unlike Google, it is also a social platform with communities and comments that allow you to have active conversions with people. Today, we will talk about social media marketing and how you can use it for your business. I want to share this information as many people are creating wealth and influence with social media platforms. 

How to Use Social Media for Your Business

Welcome back, everybody. This is Adrian Boysel, CEO and founder of Adrian Agency. Today’s video is about social media marketing and how you can get into it.

You guys have probably been wondering what social media marketing is and how I can get in it since you have most likely seen lots of people posting pictures on their Instagram with millions of followers and all this authority with great stuff. So how do they do it yet still be able to have these free lifestyles?

Well, the key to success for them has been social media marketing. They have found their platform or platforms and have made the most out of it by using some of the techniques that will be discussed later in this video.

The Origins of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing For DesignersSocial media marketing took hold back in 2003 with the launch of MySpace. Although there were other platforms before, MySpace could get a mass awareness that the others were not. I was into MySpace a lot since it allowed you to customize your profile and make it your own thing. So in case you are a bit younger, or you don’t remember MySpace, it was a robust platform that, in the end, helped create a sort of template for other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Eventually, MySpace was acquired in 2005 and then again in 2011. During that time, MySpace’s first acquisition was for 580 million dollars, but the second acquisition was for only 30 million dollars. This means that they have lost lots of online traction over the years since they didn’t evolve forward with Facebook, but instead, they went backward, or in other words, they stayed the same.

The Evolution of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing For DesignersI want to share my own MySpace days since I used it to promote my events and businesses. MySpace was my first introduction to using social media to grow my business.

That is what social media marketing is; you use a social platform to grow and reach an audience. Did you know that there are 3.5 billion active social media users each day which is almost 45% of our population on this planet! So this is a good opportunity to have that social element or engage with people and have that audience or build that community.

Marketing is all about building those relationships and building those communities. Social media platforms are the greatest place to do that, so you see these people creating their communities and building networks of people. For instance, “The Rock” has about 290 million people or more following him on just Instagram alone.

If influencers or celebrities have created millions of dollars of revenue, drive traffic to their courses, their products, and their landing pages. Social media has been one of the greatest sources of traffic any business owner can have, so if you’re not using social media already, you should start doing that today. Did you know that 90% of millennials are on social media? That is a huge number, and only 45% or less than half of those people are baby boomers.

So if you’re a business trying to market to millennials, there’s no better thing to do than going onto social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.