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Our family has been in the video editing and filming business for 3 generations.

Our late Grandfather Richard Boysel retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant began filming and pioneering cutting edge technology such as cable television. Yes that’s right our grandfather was among one of the first to create a cable network of television that would all play off one master file. After he retired he pursued his talent as a video producer and started filming an array of multiple films but mostly weddings under his own company name Golden State Video Productions. As a toddler I can think back to the days where I played in his office/garage and watched him do what he loved.

During and shortly after his passing my father carried that company on under a new and broader name American Video Productions. Seeing some of the video work, and hearing him talk about the money he made gave me the fire I needed to make this a major goal in my life. I got my first opportunity to learn video production after moving to Roseville, CA and attending Woodcreek High School. There they offered an exceptional video production class, starting at beginner and moving through my years there eventually to the advanced video production. There I learned some of the classic techniques such as linear editing (vhs to vhs), as well as many other abilities including video and audio mixing.

At the age of 16 I was fortunate enough to win my first award (and event invite) for a commercial I had shot and attended my first SPRA (Sacramento Public Relations Association) Awards located at the Double Tree Hotel. By far this was the most exciting opportunity and accomplishment I had ever had. I met some amazing local talent and was given life changing advice that would eventually lead me full circle back to video after an 8 year break away from video production. Needles to say I am back and more excited than ever. Armed with the graphic design skills I had never had previously, I built my first award winning company and taught my self to design print media for small businesses and fortune 500 companies. That foundation in graphic arts has now been translated into my video work and I will only continue to develop this skill continuously.

So let’s get started, my team and I are ready to take on your project and show you why NO ONE and I literally mean no one can stand up to the quality and creativity we bring to the table. We invest our time and passion into everything we do, so just give us a call at 916.905.0551 and Matthew or Adrian will be happy to assist you with your upcoming project need.





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