Everyone has seen and heard the ads for the cheap online printer offering 250 business cards free or 500 cards for $10. Truth is,  you can not buy quality printing for $10, whether or not you have ordered from the big box printer like Vista, who will even admit that their templates are generic and customization and quality are clearly lacking.

I have spent the last 7 years in the printing business and have seen over 100 businesses using the boring brown background with ivy design. If you have seen this template you know exactly which one I’m talking about. Can you recall one company that has used that template and remember what their business name or brand was? Did their card have rounded corners, custom glossy coating, or just the logo with a smooth matte finish on the rest of the card? Was the card flimsy or single sided? Now take your business card out and ask your self “Is this a unique business card?” If your immediate reaction is not yes, then your missing out on making a lasting first impression with a new potential customer. You only get one first impression and your business card is a representation of you, your brand, and the services you offer.

Internet printers are only able to offer such cheap pricing for one big reason. “Gang Run Printing.” this is a term commonly used in the changing printing industry. Gang Run Printing is when a printer creates a set of metal plates for each color in your design. The colors will not be matched up, and the colors can sometimes shift by up to 50%.

The craft of quality printing may no longer be with many internet printing companies, but that is not the case with Adrian Agency. Your printing job is guaranteed to be printed on the best quality paper with environmentally friendly inks and up to 70% recycled paper.

Bottom Line: If you are willing to compromise on the quality of your companies printing to save $25-$30 on a set of business cards, it will translate into the rest of your business and immediately say to your customer “cheaper is better.”