AIDA Marketing Explained

The AIDA model is a marketing formula that has been around for over 100 years and is still used today. AIDA stands for awareness, interest, desire, and action. AIDA Marketing works by creating an offer or campaign to get their attention (awareness), create enough interest so they want it but not too much so they don’t need the product anymore (interest), create a desire in them to have this product or service before its gone forever (desire) and then provide a call to action on how the consumer can take the next step with you to make it happen!

What Does AIDA Marketing Look Like?

AIDA Marketing ExplainedHey guys, my name is Adrian Boysel. I’m so grateful to be here for another video article with you. I’m with Adrian Agency and this article–and the process that lead to you reading these words at this moment–is exactly what AIDA marketing looks like.  Did you miss it? That’s okay. The trick to any great marketing strategy is making it so smooth and seamless that no one but you knows it’s happening.

Let’s break it down. You became aware of this article or this site, then you followed an interest in the topics discussed to get here. Maybe it was the thumbnail, maybe it was the article title, or something else entirely, but it sparked a desire and compelled you to read it. Your curiosity was strong enough for you to click on the thumbnail and open the article and devote time to read my words today, so I’d like to express my gratitude. The last element is what you’re doing right now: taking action.

We live in a noisy world, and we’re assaulted with text messages, TV, radio, podcasts, YouTube videos. How can you cut through the noise and develop a marketing plan that will allow you to win and provide a guarantee of success? There are several methods I’ve learned throughout the previous fourteen years, including what I’ll teach you today. It all begins with AIDA.

Modernizing the AIDA Marketing Model

AIDA Marketing ExplainedI’m adding value to you as a business owner, and giving you a valuable tool to use for your clients by teaching you this AIDA model. As I said, this model has been around for over a hundred years and there are a lot of people who have modified the model and made changes to it. This will probably surprise you, but that list includes Ariana Grande. In her song “7 Rings,” she summarizes a modern version of AIDA very well: “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.”

You’re following a process and every single business and every part of a business needs to have a process. Some of the rebuttals about the AIDA model talk about how it goes from the beginning of the customer journey to the end. In reality, our goal is to get the highest lifetime value on our customers. So the end of the journey doesn’t begin at the action. There are actions that happen after that. After the action–the “I got it” stage, as Ms. Grande put it–what happens? It should be shared on social media, in emails, and on every single platform possible so you can stimulate more referrals and get more business.


Awareness has two distinct meanings: one is to know of the existence of something, while the other implies being attentive. We all know that awareness has several components, and this is something we should pay close attention to. Now awareness and attention are often used interchangeably within the realms of marketing & advertising; however, they have different meanings in relation to their intended audiences. Attention implies active engagement, where awareness is simply the knowledge that your business–your non-profit, your product, your service, etc–exists.

Now, if you want something that is perfect for awareness, Facebook and Tik-Tok are the best platforms for that right now. There are a ton of viral elements to Facebook and to Tik-Tok that allow you to spread your message and increase your reach. Facebook is demand creation. You’re getting awareness and you’re creating a demand in the marketplace. Whereas Google and most pay-per-click websites are demand fulfillment, meaning the awareness is already there. You just need to write your headline, but you also have to come up with a compelling and convincing reason for them to click and learn more about what you, specifically, are offering. How can you get them to click and give you their business?


You have to build interest. So there are a lot of things that motivate people in interest. One of the things that motivates people in interest is price. A lot of people out there are price shoppers especially in the do it yourself DIY world that we live in. A lot of people are looking for price but the right customers and the ones that I want you to go after are looking for quality. They’re looking for reputation. They’re seeking a high level of service and that is not something that you can just buy at a cheap discount.

You actually have to put your time in, you have to put the effort in, and you have to not sacrifice that. They say that there’s a there’s another methodology when you can only pick two of these: time, service, or quality. Most people want all three; they want the best price, they want it to be done the fastest, and they want it to be done at the highest quality. That’s just not realistic. So you need to make sure that where you’re at on who you’re targeting is correct and that the person you’re in that is interested in your service is actually an accurate and targeted client for you.


Then, what you have to do is build the desire. Whether it’s by building a relationship on an emotional level, building the relationship on an ethical level, or building the relationship on a logical level, you have to establish a relationship between the customer and your offer. Everybody thinks differently. These are all really important things and I could dive into a whole new article just about that

These are all important things that people look at and their makeup different personality traits or depending on the type of person you have. If you’re buying a Toyota Prius, you’re likely going to be an ethical buyer; whereas if you’re purchasing a Tesla, you might also be ethical but you’ll also want luxury. It’s vital to understand the difference between these sorts of clients and be able to separate them for targeted messaging.


Then the last one you’re going to do with that person is prompt them into action. As I said, you’re reading this article today and taking precious time out of your day to learn this from me. That is action. You’re taking action. That is what you want to do with your potential customers, potential clients, and potential colleagues or personnel.

You want to establish a model that will actually encourage people to act since you’ll be able to complete all of that work and if you don’t have a compelling call to action, it was all for naught, so again, it’s about raising awareness. Finding the proper locations on Google where your consumers are searching may be Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, blogger, or medium. It depends on whether you’re an early adopter or a late adopter. There are different sorts of data points available.

Adding to the AIDA Marketing Model

AIDA Marketing ExplainedIn addition, there are other marketing models that incorporate principles from AIDA. For instance, there is something called the cab model and there is also something called the four Ps of marketing with a marketing mix that I recently posted about, as well. However, right now I want to dive deep into awareness, interest, desire and action.

The AIDA model has been around for over a hundred years, like I said, and it’s a hierarchical model. A hierarchical model of effects. When you actually go through this process and you follow those steps the effects consistently follow. And when you get somebody’s interest and when you get them to learn and when you get them to feel and when you get to experience and then you get them to take action it makes a big difference.

Why AIDA Marketing Works

This is what we basically decipher to bring clarity to our clients. We help them understand who the initial target should be, why we’re targeting that sector. We explain how we get their attention and how we raise awareness for them. Then we explain how to create a desire. There are many ways to create a want for a new product or an innovative product vs something that’s already out there. Maybe you have put a different twist on it or maybe you’re offering something better. Maybe it’s a higher quality product.

There’s a lot of different ways to go about this based on what elements you need to highlight, so it becomes crucial that you understand awareness, interest, desire, and action. These are critical ways that you can build your business. You want to create great marketing plans and be able to understand who the target customer is first. If you don’t have this nailed down, that is where you start and that starts with your branding as well.

Final Thoughts

AIDA Marketing ExplainedAs with Apple, your branding and targeting should go hand-in-hand together. Apple knew exactly who their target customer was and they have used this model since the very beginning. They wanted something simple that was clean and sophisticated and they’ve stuck with that since the very beginning; even though their brand has evolved in terms of the logos and things like that, they still have the white clean space and they know exactly who their target customer is.

So, always remember awareness, interest, desire, action. I hope this helps any struggling creative professionals looking for guidance. Thank you so much for exploring the AIDA marketing strategy with me; I hope you have a blessed day and as always, keep looking up.