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Elevated Comfort is a family-owned company based in Santa Rosa, CA, that has been providing high-quality plumbing, heating, and cooling services for over 20 years. Formerly known as McDonald Home Solutions, the company takes pride in serving the local community and building long-lasting relationships with its clients.

More from the Owner

“I am thrilled with how our website appears to be everywhere online. The results we have seen in the last couple of years have been fantastic, and I credit our rapid growth to the marketing efforts of Adrian Agency.

Matt McDonald
Founder & CEO, Elevated Comfort

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The Challenge

Brand Awareness & New Customers

Elevated Comfort had recently rebranded and faced the challenge of needing an all-encompassing marketing strategy to raise brand awareness and attract new customers. With their competitors investing heavily in marketing, finding the right marketing partner was critical to Elevated Comfort’s growth goals and continued success.

The Solution​​

How We Helped Grow Elevated Comfort

Fortunately, they found Adrian Agency, which provided a multi-channel approach to marketing and implemented strategies to improve the company’s organic search engine results and paid advertising campaigns. By working with Adrian Agency, Elevated Comfort improved its visibility, attracted new customers, and increased sales. Adrian Agency’s expertise in all areas of marketing was critical to the success of the partnership, allowing Elevated Comfort to achieve its growth goals and continue providing high-quality services to its customers.

Branding Solutions

Reinventing the Company Image
hvac branding marketing adrian agency
hvac branding marketing agency

Marketing Solutions

Reinventing the Septic Industry
HVAC marketing services - Adrian Agency - RESPONSIVE Website Design

Paid Growth Results​

Utilizing Google Ads to Drive Paid Traffic

Organic Growth Results​

Strategic Growth through Organic Strategies
HVAC Case Study - Local SEO - Adrian Agency
HVAC marketing services - Adrian Agency - SEO Case Study