Lead Generation for Graphic Designers

Hey there, Adrian Boysel here with another video article. If you’re a graphic designer and you’re looking for a unique way to drive in more business, this article is right up your alley. I wanted to do something unique and make a tutorial about video tutorials and how you can use them to grow your future web design or motion design work online. Today’s video will go through three tips: we’ll cover what is necessary to create a quality YouTube tutorial; we’ll dig deeper on why it would be wise for you as an individual who is into designing or digitizing moving media content; lastly, we’ll talk about some of the benefits of creating these types of YouTube videos concerning marketing oneself professionally.

Why YouTube Tutorials?

Lead Generation for Graphic DesignersSo why should you do YouTube tutorials besides the things I have already said? Well, it’s going to help you improve your skills. You can start documenting all the graphic design work you are doing by starting to record everything. Don’t just pick here and there though, document your progress – where you’re starting today compared to where you will be in the future. For example, don’t just create a tutorial for this one project. Instead, document videos about your journey as a designer, constantly improving as a designer through feedback such as critiques or client reviews of their designed work.

Setting Yourself Apart on YouTube

Now, this is the next thing differentiating yourself in the marketplace. Did you get to look at your competition of other people making videos and find what sets you apart from them? What industry are you in, e.g., “fire and water”? Damage are you working with business owners or agencies or small mom-and-pops? Are you doing wedding invitations? Web design? Motion design? Niche yourself down into a specific vertical within your industry on these tutorials to help you out more.

How to Create YouTube Tutorials

So the last point I want to make about tutorials is how do you create them. There are many options for this, so here’s what we do in my company: I’ll open up a mac dialogue box, and it will ask me if I want to capture my entire screen on one video or record just one part of the screen. This option has been helpful, and it also lets us connect different microphones that don’t record videos of us talking.

Final Thoughts

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