Meta: If you’re not using SEO to bring in more traffic, you’re missing out. Here’s everything you need to know about SEO, and why you need it! 

Hey boys and girls, today we’re going to talk about farming. I’m just kidding. We’re actually going to talk about SEO, which (in the marketing world) is a lot like farming. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

All About SEO

SEO Strategies For Graphic Designers 2021Hey guys, welcome back to another training video. I’m Adrian Boysel, and today’s video is going to be a lot of fun. We’re going to talk about SEO, and how I got into it in the first place. 

The first way I got into SEO was by doing graphic design, back in 2007. When I first opened up my shop, I went and got a Google location, set up a website, and realized I had to figure out how to get more traffic. So I started doing research, and that’s when I stumbled upon search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization allows you to organically rank, which means “free.” It’s a free marketing method where you list your website on directories, as well as posting great content. Then, as time goes by and more people talk about your website, it starts to appear higher and higher on the search engines.

Clearly, if somebody is looking for a specific search term and you’re one of the first results, the chances of you being clicked on is higher.

My Experience With SEO

SEO Strategies For Graphic Designers 2021Back in 2007, when I had my print shop, I found a guy who knew SEO and had him teach me. And I put him right next to me in my office. It was a great opportunity for me to learn about SEO and for him to learn about graphics. 

I learned everything I could from this guy, and then we started bringing in other SEO experts to give us their perspective. We learned what works, what to stay away from, and what’s kind of a gray area.

Eventually, I ended up ranking my own website for California printing and got myself on the first page, in the top three spots for the keyword. That increased my traffic significantly. I was able to get clients on demand almost every single day of the week through my website. That’s when I saw the real power and potential behind search engine optimization.

SEO Is Like Farming

SEO Strategies For Graphic Designers 2021If you’re not using SEO for your business, you’re really missing out. You may be doing a paid advertising approach, which is kind of a hunting or fishing approach, but SEO is more long-term. You need to plant a seed (build a website, put out content, do citations, etc.) 

There are a lot of different factors that go into it. But most importantly, it takes time. It does not happen overnight.

So, I wanted to share that with you. SEO was one of my earliest introductions to online marketing, and it’s what moved the needle on my business. I was running a little bit of paid advertising at a time, but it was very minimal. 99% of my business was coming from SEO and then from word of mouth.

With SEO, just like with farming, you need to have the right tools. It’s important to have the right “plants,” and to know what you’re planting. A lot of people who say SEO doesn’t work simply don’t understand it.

Another factor that makes it similar to farming is that there are a lot of outside conditions. Google does updates on a regular basis and changes the game. So, there are some things you can’t control, but there is a basic roadmap you can follow — sun, water, soil, and things like that.

For example, with SEO, content is king. You need to work on your on-page and off-page SEO. There are important areas to focus on, but there’s no exact formula for it. Just like there’s no exact formula for farming.

I’m going to talk about some of the more technical factors in future videos, but in today’s video, I want to focus on understanding what SEO is and why it’s important. If you can appear on the first page of Google for one search term or a dozen search terms, it’s going to give you a huge advantage.

Show Up Multiple Times

SEO Strategies For Graphic Designers 2021The secret here is not just be on there once, but be on there multiple times. Because if somebody searches for a specific term, like “nearest plumber,” or “local roofing contractor near me,” then your page will show up in Maps, as well as on the organic search results. 

You can also show up on Google images or in a video on the main page. Now you’re on that page four or five times. The more you can get ranked on that page, the more opportunities there are for somebody to see you.

There is a lot of pain points and struggles in SEOm, like the algorithm changing, black hat strategies, and private blog networks. You have to be careful to avoid getting penalized.

Go To Work For Google

SEO Strategies For Graphic Designers 2021Over the years, I’ve learned that you can’t just try to make Google work for you. You need to go out and work for Google. That’s a very important mindset change to make. If you go to work for Google and follow the advice of experts, you will have a lot more success. 

Then, after you gain momentum, you have to be consistent. Just like farming — if you missed a week or a month of watering your plants, they’re going to suffer.

If you don’t upload content consistently, refresh your content, and take care of your SEO, you’re going to get wiped out by your competitor. SEO is an ongoing thing, just like a website, that you have to keep up with. You have to keep things fresh.

So, that’s what I have for you today. I hope this brought you some clarity in understanding what search engine optimization is and why it’s important. Thank you guys so much for watching, and as always, keep looking up!