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All American Smog Station is the fastest test only smog station in Vacaville, CA. They have one flat rate that is cheaper than any other station in the Vacaville area. They will match anyone else’s price or coupon, and are well established and reliable. Their customers over the years have become an extension of their family. 

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Meet the Owner

“Adrian Agency has truly taken care of me. There is an assigned staff member to me that I am able to reach out to at any time. This is outstanding due to it’s convenience. Their professionalism in number one.”

James Marvin
Founder & CEO, All American Smog Station

American Smog Station Marketing Portfolio on Adrian Agency

The Challenge

More Leads & Client Retention

AA Smog’s team was a small business that didn’t have the knowledge to create effective marketing strategies to draw in enough customers. They drew in two or three smog tests a day with their own marketing tools. They lacked the branding to stand out amongst their competition and their headquarters lacked any eye-catching features to draw attention. After they contacted our team at Adrian Agency, we were able to help them create their voice and make practical suggestions that would generate more leads.

The Solution​​

How We Helped Improve AA Smog

AA Smog was able to grow into a business that they dreamed about after getting help marketing their company. After a complete rebranding of the company and increasing their online presence, they went from a couple smog tests a day to averaging 20 to 30 a day. With a Google My Business page, reviews from satisfied customers gave them a stellar reputation that continues to draw more interest.


Branding Solutions

Reinventing the Company Image

Marketing Solutions

Reinventing the Smog Industry

Paid Growth Results​

Utilizing Google Ads to Drive Paid Traffic
2019 Performance
Smog Marketing Company - Adrian Agency
2020 Performance
Smog Marketing Company - Adrian Agency
2021 Performance
Smog Marketing Company - Adrian Agency
2022 Performance
Smog Marketing Company - Adrian Agency

Organic Growth Results​

Strategic Growth through Organic Strategies
September 2021 - January 2023
Best Smog Marketing 2023 - Adrian Agency