A graphic designer is a mingling of creative, creator, and translator, that transforms complex ideas into visual design.

Designers can translate words into images, take messy missions and visions and build identities that inspire, inform, and impact the world.

What is a Graphic Designer?They are exceptional, unusual, and can’t be put in a box.

They love to create, and hate to be told what to do.

They pull all nighters, deal with endless revisions, and unreasonable requests, all to be compared to an overseas competitor working for a $5 gig.

Every graphic designer is unique, some design signs or printed materials like book covers and business cards, while others design for online like fonts and web design.

Designers use both text and images to communicate ideas.

Good designers have an artistic eye, but great designers understand that combining stunning visuals with powerful messaging drives action.

You can find designers working at every age, and corner of the globe. Some start their designs with hand drawn sketches while others use an ipad or laptop.

In a digital and modern world, look in any direction and you will see the work of a graphic designer.

The graphic design industry creates great opportunities for young creatives to do what they love, and help people around the world.

Some went to college for a degree in design investing a lot of their money and time.

You don’t need a degree to be a designer, it’s the skills and experience that matter the most, sadly though if you apply for a job you’ll probably get mocked.

You have designers that are self employed and do freelance work, of all designers, less than 25% are freelancers.

The average designer working a 9-5 makes less than $50,000 per year, while self-employed make $60,000. Try feeding a family of 4 on a $60k salary…

The truth is graphic designers deserve better pay, they help new entrepreneurs launch brands, and existing brands stay relevant in an increasingly competitive world.

Online and offline their design work drives attention and income, generating customers, clients, accounts, and users.

What is a Graphic Designer?A successful designer must learn more, practice more, help more, then they earns more. By gaining more skills you can take on better work and send bigger bills.

This message is for the designers that know they can be more, the ones who stay hungry and never stop growing.

If you want the best of what life has to offer, you need to level up, surround yourself with mentors and design your future!