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Many youth lack mentors who can guide them through the creative process. Graphic design internships aim to to provide youth with an opportunity to learn from professionals in the industry and have a chance at winning a one-on-one mentorship with Adrian Boysel! Join us on November 13th for this event, where you will hear from experts about how to be more creative and innovative.

Our youth are at a critical place in the mental health space – they need us to rise and be there for them. If you’re a youth, you know what I’m talking about. One of the biggest problems with youth right now is social isolation on top of e-learning and remote learning, so I decided to do something extraordinary, and that’s what I want to share with you guys today. I want to share a life-changing announcement that I haven’t shared here before and something that we’re going to do together as a community and as a tribe and something that will literally change the world; I bet you want to know what that is.

The Instagraphics Internship

Graphic Design Internships – Youth Mentorship ProgramThe good thing is that I’m going to talk about that in this article, so let’s go ahead and jump into it. What we’re going to be doing is something super powerful, and that’s mentoring, but even more, than mentoring, it’s going to give graphic design internships to kids and youth from the ages of 12 through 18 years old, and there’s a bit of flexibility in that. So if you’re a little bit older or a little bit younger, the opportunity to be mentored and get an internship–yes, an internship–is available.

So, I want to announce that we are creating the first-ever Instagraphics Internship proudly. What we’re going to be doing is helping kids from the ages of 12 to 18 years old. We will accomplish this by doing events and building a community around our youth. We’re going to have specific training articles, seminars, workshops, and we’re going to have a lot of fun. What this community is designed to do is awaken creativity, gain confidence, enjoy the community, and feel like you’re not stuck in isolation if you’re a kid. Our graphic design community is something we’re proud of, and we want to share that sense of belonging with the next generation of graphic designers.

What Are Graphic Design Internships?

I want to help these kids give them a place to hang out with other creatives and mentors and people who want to see our future generations succeed and thrive. We want to have a place for them to be creative and share their thoughts or ideas. We hope to provide them a place to address some of their pains and things they’re dealing with. So we’re going to come together as a community as mentors and as mentees, and we’re going to build an internship that truly offers all the things that these kids are looking for, including education.

So if there’s a kid that you can think about that needs something like this – maybe they draw, perhaps they do web design, perhaps they do article production – in some form, I would love for you to enter their information into our site and nominate a kid. Or maybe you’re a kid watching this, and you want to be a part of this, so go to the event registration site, and we’ll check out your application and invite you into our new community: the Instagraphics Internship.

Building a Community

Now the community aspect of this is vital to me — I want to create many mentors in the world and impact a million kids, but I can’t do it alone. So I need people like you that are watching this article. People who haven’t seen this article yet need to know about this program, and the only way that can happen is if you share this article with them, so that’s. So another request that I would have for you is if you know a kid who needs some mentors in their life and needs some community and a creative outlet, the Instagraphics Internship will be that exactly.

I hope that when they turn 18 or maybe even 17, they will have the opportunity to join our company and actually get a paying job, so this is a free community that doesn’t cost a dime. We’re going to be doing a super exciting event. I just did an event a few weeks ago, the Instagraphics Business Summit, and this is going to be the creative youth summit, so that this event will be happening on November 6th. I wanted to announce that here with you guys first, so you’ll be the first to know about it.

Why Create Graphic Design Internships?

The opportunity I’m putting in front of you is for you guys not only to attend for free, whether you’re a mentor or mentee and potential intern but also to win a one-on-one session with me. I’m going to take an hour to two hours with one lucky kid and help mentor them and take them under my wing like I’ve done with dozens of other people now over the last 15 years. My buddy Cesar Jaramillo can attest to that. Mentorship has not only changed my life, but it can change millions of other lives. After speaking at Disney, I’ve seen over and over and over again how powerful mentorship can be.

That’s why I wanted to create this internship to actually start putting all the work we’ve been doing on YouTube and all the effort outside of YouTube to truly bring together these kids and this youth into one place for us to thrive together and lift them all up. So if you know somebody that really needs this, that’s struggling, that’s creative, artistic, and talented, and you want to get them some mentorship, then this is a great opportunity. So what you could do for me is like share and comment, let me know who that kid is, or tag them in this article and send them my way.

How to Join Instagraphics Interns

Go to this website to sign up and get into the program. Please share this article on Facebook, YouTube, or anywhere you can! Please share on social media or on your blog because I’m trying to build a community of mentors and mentees. So we can intern these kids and give them very bright careers whether they’re going to go to college or they’re not going to go to college. It doesn’t matter, they deserve a fighting chance, and that’s what this will give them. So thank you guys so much for reading! My name is Adrian Boysel.

I look forward to seeing those applications. As always, keep looking up!

Instagraphics Youth Graphic Design Internship Program