Sales Prospecting Training - The Quantum Prospecting Method

Sales Prospecting can be a daunting task. It’s difficult to know who you should be targeting, and even more difficult to reach them. In this video, we provide a sneak peek of our new Quantum Sales Prospecting Training. I want to make it easy for business owners to understand who they should be going after, and how to reach them with this analogy of hunting vs farming. If you want to learn more about this prospecting method, make sure to watch the full training!

Why Sales Prospecting Training is Important

Sales Prospecting Training: The Quantum Prospecting MethodIf you don’t hunt, you will go hungry; and if you don’t farm, you will stay broke. That’s what this training is specifically designed for. I want to help people that are afraid of being on the phone, people that are afraid of being on camera, people that are afraid to go out and put themselves out there. Maybe they just don’t think they’re natural salespeople. They may not consider themselves salespeople at all. They don’t want to do sales. Well, the goal for this training today is to help you get that breakthrough, to help you destroy those limiting beliefs, and help you get a foundation you’ll need- to build a successful agency by the end of this training.

Key Components of the Quantum Sales Prospecting Training

My goal for you is to know these five things. First, I want you to keep your pipeline full. Second, I’m going to show you how to avoid cheap clients because this is a fact that so many creatives get stuck with is working with cheap clients. Third, landing high-paying clients has so many benefits that I’ll talk about in a few minutes. Fourth, gauging your prospecting performance which is something that not enough people do. When you set up your system, you must track everything that happens to your leads. You can’t expect your sales efforts, marketing efforts, or other activities to develop if you don’t monitor them. Then getting to a high-level decision-maker is difficult.

Finding a High-Level Decision Maker

I’m going to help you find the high-level decision-makers that are going to pay you the money that you want and help you avoid some of the gatekeepers or learn how to become friends with some of the gatekeepers so this training is going to be super impactful for you and we’re going to jump right into it.

The essential piece that a lot of business owners and specifically creatives miss is keeping their pipelines full. Empty pipelines equal empty pockets if you don’t have your pipeline full. Your pocket is going to be empty, your wallet is going to be empty, you’re going to be broke, and you’re going to struggle.

The Fisherman and the Gardener: How to Scale Your Business to Massive Profits

Sales Prospecting Training: The Quantum Prospecting MethodI’ve done it. I’ve been there; I’m not anymore, but I do want you to take this to heart: if I don’t have clients, what good is my business? How can I help people if I don’t have anybody to serve? So, you must know who your prospects are. Are you dealing with cheap customers who are just starting out in their own businesses and trying to make ends meet because they lost their jobs or do you work with high-priced clients that make millions of dollars every year? Where are you fishing? Because inside your business there are two sides. There’s the fishing side and the hunting side (because when you’re fishing, you’re hunting), and then there’s the gardening or farming.

You need to understand where you’re at if you need to eat now and you’re hungry, so you have to go out and hunt because you need to eat today. When you’re doing that, you need to know what body of water you’re in and where you’re fishing. It’s an analogy that I like to use. Are you fishing in a pond with guppies and minnows? Are you fishing in a lake or are you fishing in the ocean with whales and sharks? Understanding this piece is going to be really helpful for you. So there are two types of prospecting, like I talked about, there’s outbound prospecting and there’s inbound prospecting. There’s fishing and there’s farming.

Outbound Sales Prospecting Training: Fishing in Deeper Waters

Sales Prospecting Training: The Quantum Prospecting MethodThe outbound prospecting strategy I like to call “The Fisherman” because you’re out there and you’re going there to hunt for food to bring home on the table that night. You need results now, you need to eat. You’re hungry, right? All right so now that we’ve talked about outbound prospecting. I want to talk to you about inbound prospecting. Now, this is where you go from your outbound energy and time and effort and all this hard work and taking the revenue that you’re making from that and you start funneling it into inbound prospecting.

Inbound Sales Prospecting Training: Sow the Seeds of Success

This is what I like to call “The Gardener”. You’re planting seeds for future sales with your content strategy. Our YouTube channel was a huge inbound prospecting strategy. I have found thousands and thousands of designers that I’ve connected with that have watched my channel. We have almost 11,000 subscribers at this point on just that one channel. They have found me through these seeds that I’ve planted. Each video is a seed; each article is a seed.

So I want to show you this perfect prospecting method all put together. Now, if you look at the two, you got the inbound and you have the outbound. What you want to do is start with the outbound and then funnel that money to the inbound because those are things that you can delegate to other people that you’re not having to put time, effort, and energy into.

Final Thoughts

Sales Prospecting Training: The Quantum Prospecting MethodI’m Adrian Boysel, the CEO, and founder of Instagraphics and Adrian Agency. So, if you want to level up your career, if you want to actually take your business and your personal life to the next level in your health, wealth, and relationships go ahead and join our paid group. It’s the Instagraphics Pro Group. We would love to have you in there for the mentorship, coaching, community, networking–all the things that you really need to reach that next level in your career as a creative. I look forward to seeing you guys in there and as always, keep looking up.